Professional Televison Repair
Call 479 770-9939 with Tv model number 
                          NWA Tv Repair 

NWA Tv Repair provides professional repair services for most makes and models of LED, LCD, Plasma's and OLED Tv's. We do not work on DLP, CRT, or Tv's with a cracked panel or screen.

Call us today for a for a rough estimate of repair based on your symptoms. We work from home and dispatch our driver's daily for all pick up and deliveries to your home or office. We do not repair Tv's in your home or office due to high voltages being exposed during diagnostics. We do not wall mount Tv's. All wall mounted Tv's must be off the wall when drivers arrive to pick up the Tv and re-installation is the responsibility of the customer. 6 month warranty on all our parts. If you have any questions feel free to call us Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm.  (479) 770-9939.  We do not work on VCR's, DVD's, Blue Ray Players, Receiver's, Amplifiers, or any small appliances. Only Tv's

 We cannot fix Tv's with broken panels!!!!!! If your Tv has lines like this your Tv is broken beyond repair so please don't call if your screen is broken.


We do not work on VCR's, DVD or Blu Ray Players, Receiver's, Amplifier's ,Cell Phones, Tablet's,or any small appliances. We only repair Tv's

We cannot fix TV's with cracked panels

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Please do not attempt to repair your own TV. You can do damage easily and there are voltages in a Tv that can kill you. If you short out the panel the Tv cannot be repaired. Let the experts do it for you.

Samsung Tv Repair  Vizio Tv Repair  Sony Tv Repair  Panasonic Tv Repair  Emerson Tv Repair  Sanyo Tv Repair LG Tv Repair Hisense Tv Repair Hitachi Tv Repair JVC Tv Repair RCA Tv Repair Toshiba Tv Repair Insignia Tv Repair Phillips Tv Repair  Sharp Tv Repair                                                  We dot not work on DLP or CRT Tv's.